Metzger Family Dental PLLC offers comprehensive care for the entire family. We offer a wide variety of dental services including: prevention, periodontics, restoration of decay, crowns, bridges, implant restorations, dentures and partial dentures, endodontics, and cosmetic dentistry.



Our philosophy is focused on improving the health and quality of life of each of our patients. We strongly believe that prevention is very important in maintaining not only the health of teeth, but in helping our patients live comfortable, healthy lives. We encourage regular check-ups and exams to not only treat problems with they are small, but discuss strategies to keep our patients in optimal oral health year round.
Prevention Services


We offer a variety of services to restore teeth to optimal health, function, and beauty. Our services include multiple types of fillings, crowns, implant restorations, and prosthetics such as dentures or partial dentures. Our dental team will discuss your specific concerns and formulate a custom plan to create the smile you deserve.

Restoration Services


Our greatest reward is giving our patients confidence through a beautiful, healthy smile. We believe that every restoration should be done with the highest level of esthetics in mind. Truly all dentistry is cosmetic dentistry in our office. We also offer a wide variety of options such as whitening services, esthetic veneers, straightening services, and smile makeovers. We would love to give you the smile of your dreams!
Cosmetics Services

Perio Protect is a comprehensive approach to gum disease treatment. The approach combines dental cleanings with the comfortable Perio Tray ® delivery of medication that patients use at home between office visits. The trays use a low concentration hydrogen peroxide gel that stays below the gums long enough to kill the bacteria causing gum disease, cavities, and bleeding due to gingivitis.  With as little as 10-15 minutes each day, you can dramatically reduce need for future restorations, infections, and periodontal treatments. 

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