Cosmetic Dentistry

Our greatest reward is giving our patients confidence through a beautiful, healthy smile. We believe that every restoration should be done with the highest level of esthetics in mind. Truly all dentistry is cosmetic dentistry in our office. We also offer a wide variety of options such as whitening services, esthetic veneers, straightening services, and smile makeovers. We would love to give you the smile of your dreams!
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Whitening Veneers Aesthetic Bonding


We offer two options for achieving whiter and brighter teeth:

In office bleaching

For those who would like to have a bright smile in about an hour, we offer an in-office bleaching system called Lumibrite. We will protect your gums, apply a high strength whitening gel to your teeth, and within 30 to 60 minutes, your teeth will be noticeably whiter.

Custom trays

For those who would prefer to whiten their teeth at home, we offer custom bleach trays. We will take impressions of your teeth and fabricate custom clear trays. The trays are worn with a bleach gel for several hours a day for approximately 2 weeks. Some people prefer to wear the trays overnight while sleeping, while others choose to wear them for only an hour or so per day. The advantage to custom trays is that you can decide how to bleach your teeth and when you’ve achieved the shade you desire. The custom trays can also be kept for several years and whitening gel can be purchased for future “touch-ups”.

Whitening procedures should only be performed after a full exam, x-rays, and cleaning. If there are any cavities or infections present, the whitening gel could make the problem worse, and potentially damage the nerve in the tooth. Tartar build-up also causes the teeth to appear more yellow and will lessen the effect of the whitening gel. Only natural teeth can be whitened, and tooth-colored resin fillings will not change in color. If you have tooth-colored fillings and are interested in obtaining whiter teeth, you can whiten your teeth and have the fillings replaced to match the new whiter shade.


Porcelain veneers cover the front surface of the tooth with a very thin layer of porcelain. They not only make your teeth permanently whiter, straighter, and more even, but they also fill in spaces between your teeth and strengthen teeth that are weak. Veneers offer that perfect “Hollywood smile” often without anesthetic, and are more affordable than you might think. Dr. Metzger is a Lumineers-certified dentist.

Aesthetic Bonding

Tooth colored resin can be shaped by your dentist to make your teeth straighter and whiter, similar to a porcelain veneer. Esthetic bonding can be done right in the dental office usually in just one visit without anesthetic.